Jobs for those Passionate about Wine

There are people who enjoy wine and are content to merely consume it. There also those who are more proactive such as the regulars in wine tasting events or those who go out of their way to learn more about wine. If you are content with receiving wine gifts or purchasing from a wine box subscription service, then you lean towards the more passive lot. But there are people who are truly passionate about wine that their interest goes beyond consumption. Rather, they choose to make wine the basis of their career. If you are one of these people, you might want to take a look at these jobs, the ones that – one way or another – are related to wine.



This is the most recognizable job in the wine industry. It is also quite important and the pay is exorbitant as well. This is the person who makes the wine, the genius behind the flavor. The vintner is involved in almost all of the stages in the wine making process.


Tasting Room Host

If you think about, the wine tasting host is analogous to a bartender, only more involved, requiring expertise and knowledge. This person is in charge of the tasting room, which is a requirement for vineyards. Visitors and buyers are billeted in this area where they get to sample the vineyard’s produce. The host must know something about wine and everything involved in its production. Of course, the host must be quite a character or, at least, personable since he is interacting with guests.



Sommeliers are like the tasting room host except that they do their work outside of the vineyard. Wine shops, restaurants, wine bars and hotels employ sommeliers. These establishments require additional finesse, which is why most sommelier are demanding, snobbish and quite meticulous especially with regards to details. Consumers turn to these personnel for wine information, advice and recommendations.


Cellar Manager

The cellar manager is in charge of the cellar where the wine is being aged. If you think this is a boring work, with the endless checking and maintenance of temperature involved, you are mistaken. He gets to drink wine everyday since he needs to ensure that everything is in order and is where and how they should be.


Wine Tour Guide

Vineyards often become tourist attractions. The guide need not necessarily be an employee of the vineyard. He only needs a car and a license and he could offer visitors a tour of the wine estates within a region.



This is the artisan who makes the barrel in which wines are aged. This person is not a mere carpenter or woodworker. He must have deep understanding about wood and how it interacts with wine.


There are other obvious job choices in the wine industry such as wine shop owner, online wine merchant, vineyard owners and vineyard laborers. Not all of those listed here are lucrative. But the financial variable becomes more agreeaable if the worker loves what he does.

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Wine for Delectable Dessert

Some hard liquors such as rhum and brandy are mainstream ingredients when it comes to desserts. But how about wine? A friend of mine, who loved the wine gift I sent last Valentines (If you want to know by the way how I got her one, you might want to look at this box subscription service), quipped to let it just rest. Wine is excellent on its own, thank you very much. But the idea persisted and I found myself ruminating about the possibilities. For instance, the flavor leans towards the fruity and sour characteristics; hence, it should make an excellent addition to those needing contrasts such as rich desserts like cheesecakes.

I rounded up five easy but super good desserts that should give you an idea where I am coming from. Enjoy!


Dessert Wine Gelees

This beauty was concocted by Martha Stewart and a six ingredient affair excluding water. It requires sugar, grapefruit (and lemon if you want variety), gelatine of course, and two kinds of wine: orange muscat and sauternes. Just mix everything provided you know how to prepare the gelatin beforehand. This is perfect alternative to wine gift.


Red Wine Sorbet

For this dessert, you would need ripe plums, Chinese five-spice powder, cinnamon, sugar and lemon zest. This is excellent if you want to surprise wine enthusiasts visiting on summertime. If you want to know the specifics how to make this dessert, head to this corner please.



Chocolate Mousse with a Twist

This is a classic demonstration of wine food pairing: rich flavor + red wine. So if you have chocolate, vanilla, milk, cream, salt, pepper and a bit oil in your cupboard, then you should be able to whip a delicious version. Just a word of advice: if you would like to try this, make sure to learn how to melt chocolates properly because everything depends on it.


Cabernet Chocolate Truffles

I know for a fact that there are seemingly endless possibilities with chocolate truffles. Add something to the basic ingredient and you would have an entirely new version of the thing. So for this chocolate truffle, you would just need to add a gentle dose of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.


Tiramisu and a Bit of Venice

The marsala wine is an imperative in this dessert. Go find some eggs, mascarpone cheese, cream, the rudimentary lady finger, cocoa and pile them over each other. Just joking. Prepare it according to how you’d do a traditional tiramisu and it’s good to go.

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Strangest Wine Ingredients

Essentially, wine is just crushed grape, fermented and aged. The differences that distinguish a bottle or a label from another is only attributed to the divergence in the wine making process, the grape variety used and other small details such as the barrel the barrel where it is stored, which adds flavors and identity. The red and white wine, for instance are produced through the inclusion or elimination of the grape skin. The wine folks at would surely agree. But did you know that there are vintners who are willing to go to the extreme by adding truly weird ingredient(s) in an effort to produce a wine that is unique and remarkable?

Blood Powder

This notorious ingredient should be right at home in some nefarious activities such as a witch’s ritual or some form of snuff for a cabal of vampires. But, no. Some enterprising vintners found utility for the compound in their wine making. Blood powder turned out to be particularly effective as a fining agent. Like egg whites and the equally strange isinglass, which came from fish swim bladders, the powder could bond particles that could not be removed by conventional wine filtration methods.


Now, it most certainly is normal to hear about “hints” or “notes” of chocolate in wine descriptions. As a matter of fact, this characteristic gives certain wines their identity. There is, however, the case of the Chocolate Shop, which is a wine that is made with chocolate. This bottle is made by Precept Wine and was launched in 2011. The favorable reception garnered in UK and Spain prompted this vintner to experiment further with wine infused with other varieties of chocolate.


There are many Asian countries that use snakes as a wine ingredient. A 2013 event in London exhibited an array of these bottled curiosities with coils upon coils of snakes submerged (and perhaps pickled?) in the liquor. If the vintner is trying to get the idea of potency across then his point is most assuredly articulated successfully.


This one is quite expected I think. There are vintners who have successfully infused wine with pot and these vintners are concentrated in California (again why am I not surprised?). This is supposedly quite good with Cabernet Sauvignon, creating “a little buzz”. Well, I would most assuredly would not call it that especially when a bottle could reportedly get one high quicker than smoking good old pot.


Ever wondered how a meteorite tastes like? How about a meteorite wine? A vintner in Chile fermented some wine with pieces of meteorite found in the Atacama Desert believed to be at least 4.5 billion years old. If you can believe it, the affair supposedly ended in a livelier taste. Purchase the Cabernet Sauvignon called Meteorito Wine and see for yourself.

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Five Weird Wine Glasses for a Fun Party

If you have exhausted your brain in trying to come up with an interesting idea for your wine party, you might want to ask some help from wine experts or get some idea from some helpful online wine courses. The latter, for instance, helped me come up with this concept of serving wine in strange, cool and cute wine glasses. I have just the top candidates for this affair.

Starfrit Gourmet 8-Ounce Double Wall Wine Glass

The name is quite a mouthful but it is quite an apt description. The contraption has double walls, indeed, which makes it useful as much as surprising as a wine implement. Based on the picture, you – of course – should be able to recognize its strangeness. In addition, it is supposedly quite effective in maintaining correct temperature. And, if you were finicky with your setup, you would be pleased to know that the double wall also produces no condensation. It would mean no wet rings left on your table cloth.

Inclined Wine Glasses

Note to self: place an order for a set of these wine glasses. Why, this most definitely reminded me of Kafka! It is very very whimsical and it would suit some of my parties best because I do entertain a bevy of eccentric friends often.

Happy People Reversible Crystal Stemware

I have devoted a significant period of time pondering the issue about the utility of a reversible wine glass. In clothes, it is perfectly sensible because variety is essential in fashionable people. But with the Happy People line of wine glasses, with its array of two glasses molded opposite each other, I could only wonder. Perhaps if there are two different wines being served at the same time and you are a purist, never wanting to pollute a wine with a drop of another so one uses the contraption alternately? Or if one ingests different wines on a daily basis, it may serve its purpose well enough.

Silhouette Wine Glasses

It might be interesting to do a little research about the impact of this wine glass on consumption and how wine is enjoyed. The design was developed so that you no longer need to tilt your head backwards. The hollowed rim was also designed so that you could sniff away happily when your nose easily dips into the glass with the aroma effectively contained in the process.

This is [not] a glass

This wine glass is definitely NOT functional. It is shaped like a pipe and makes you hold it like so when drinking your wine. A bit awkward if you ask me. However, it has its awesome shock value. Jeremy Brown, the designer, was supposedly inspired by the concept of “the treachery of images” explored in most of Magritte’s work.

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10 Cool Wine Pictures


If I am to hazard a guess, this boy must be French, if only for his enthusiasm and pride in the two precious bottles tucked under his arms.


If you will play, Caption This, what will you say?


I should like to call this the Immaculate Conception: Wine Version.


Very very rustic and appetizing. This should incite some cravings for warm and famished Spanish mornings.


Why is this wine image included? Well, need I say more?


After reading the label and the content, the only word I could manage is, “Indeed.”


This is what wine looks like under the microscope.


An ultra modern (and ultra expensive) private wine cellar.


This is how a bottle heaven is made.


For a wine connoisseur, this image would be beyond cool.

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Interesting Wine Drinking Rituals

Sometimes you could not help but drink like a fish. In my case, good conversation induces that quite effectively. But wine always keeps me in check, regardless of the existence of good conversation or a need to drown myself to a stupor. The thing is that wine imposes at least a basic degree of refinement. Not unlike beer or whisky. It is simply scandalous to chug the spirit since the appropriate way is to sip. I have found this issue interesting and led me to take note about the interesting rituals we have in drinking wine.

For the Gods

As you probably know, wine is considered a gift from the gods not unlike fire, though less of a necessity. The ancient Greeks had a specific deity for it and festivals were held in dedication as well. Some remnant of such reverence still persists to this day. There are societies, for example, that require pouring a bit of wine upon uncorking. It is clearly a form of libation, or a salute to the gods before drinking.

Practical Rituals

There are also ceremonies required for practical purposes. For example, there is the need to let the bottle stand for about an hour after opening. The goal is to allow wine to breathe. People also use different wine glasses for red and white wine: big for red and a smaller glass for white wine. This practice persists because the glass size affects the wine temperature, the aroma and the alcohol dynamics. Recently Baccarat made an edition of glasses for red wine: a tulip-like affair, with its sloping sides and narrow lid. The idea was to keep alcohol from drowning the aroma.


Chances are, you have seen people swirl wine around before drinking. It is likely that a lot of sniffing is also involved in the process. But the swirling seemed like a ritual that most people caught or imitate for reasons unknown. This is not some useless ceremony, however. The act aerates wine or infuse it with oxygen and contributes to its flavor in addition to the fact that it releases the aroma, hence, the sniffing mentioned earlier. This is the very same rationale why some people would gargle the liquor or sip it in such a way that the liquid passes in-between teeth.

Corky Quibble

If you have been to a wine bar such as the super fancy Le Dauphin in Paris, then you probably know that the server would usually give you the cork after opening. The first time I experienced this, I was at a loss. What am I supposed to do with it, eat it, put it in my pocket? It was like, « Hey, congratulations. You had your first wine with us. May I present you the cork? » as if it is some trophy or certificate. To my initial dismay the practice is quite widespread and hapless people are bound to question the utility of such ceremony. Well, it turned out this cork business is not without its use. Servers would hand you that implement because it will help you determine if the wine has a problem. You will have to sniff it and determine if the wine needs to be replaced. Also, there are establishments that do the deed to reassure patrons that the wine is authentic. The cork usually bears the marking of the wine producer.

Sometimes a little ceremony is called for. It is a little ostentatious, yes. However, these rituals help us enjoy our wines to the fullest. In addition, the ceremonies are not entirely useless as they help in bringing out the wine’s character. So try to understand when someone asks for a wine glass when you hand him or her a tumbler. It is not for the sake of being a snob, picky or difficult.

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Three Ways to Open Champagne

Chances are most of you would have their Christmases and New Years opened with bottles of champagne. A little bit cliche but memorable nonetheless. These holidays are big celebrations so why not, no? In this post, I will explain three ways of opening Champagne (By the way, you might want to head to your favorite wine store because Champagne prices are supposedly going up any time now).

Sober and Practical

Contrary to what one expects, champagne is actually opened carefully lest the precious content are spilled. Sure a Champagne bursting asunder is what you often see in the movies but are you actually willing to have a good amount of it go to waste? If you could afford crates upon crates of champagne, fine. But for most of us mere mortals who could only spend for a bottle or two, then the approach must be pretty cautious and unspectacular. It involves prying the cork slowly, while twisting and rocking it in the process until the bottle emits a small sigh. This method deals with the pressure within the bottle, allowing for a safer and more practical way of opening a champagne bottle.

The Champagne Ninja

Okay, so if you belong to the more excitable bunch and would want to make a show of splashing champagne like it is, well… yeah, Christmas, you need a saber for the deed. In French, this is called sabrage, the method of swinging a sword over the lip of the bottle, which effectively removes the glass tip and the cork. It results in a spectacular spray of champagne because of the sudden release of bottled up pressure. This reminds me that Champagne saber is an excellent wine gift for wine lovers and sommelier friends.

Handy Alternative

The third method involves a spoon. It is actually pretty straightforward because you will be using it instead of the saber. You would need to cut the glass tip. The absence of a sharp edge would necessitate a stronger force. But the effect should be the same, the cork flies in the air and the liquor bursts in a magnificent spray of champagne goodness.

There are other unconventional ways to open Champagne. You could smash it, for instance. But then again, you need a new ship to smash it with.

It is important to note that uncorking a Champagne bottle could entail some risks. I would like to point out the fact that amount of pressure therein is said to be significantly higher than the pressure in a car tire. So, one must proceed with caution. For safety purposes, avoid pointing the cork at people when opening. If you would be using a wine cork, be forewarned. The sudden force of opened Champagne could hurt your hand as well.

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