Five Weird Wine Glasses for a Fun Party

If you have exhausted your brain in trying to come up with an interesting idea for your wine party, you might want to ask some help from wine experts or get some idea from some helpful online wine courses. The latter, for instance, helped me come up with this concept of serving wine in strange, cool and cute wine glasses. I have just the top candidates for this affair.

Starfrit Gourmet 8-Ounce Double Wall Wine Glass

The name is quite a mouthful but it is quite an apt description. The contraption has double walls, indeed, which makes it useful as much as surprising as a wine implement. Based on the picture, you – of course – should be able to recognize its strangeness. In addition, it is supposedly quite effective in maintaining correct temperature. And, if you were finicky with your setup, you would be pleased to know that the double wall also produces no condensation. It would mean no wet rings left on your table cloth.

Inclined Wine Glasses

Note to self: place an order for a set of these wine glasses. Why, this most definitely reminded me of Kafka! It is very very whimsical and it would suit some of my parties best because I do entertain a bevy of eccentric friends often.

Happy People Reversible Crystal Stemware

I have devoted a significant period of time pondering the issue about the utility of a reversible wine glass. In clothes, it is perfectly sensible because variety is essential in fashionable people. But with the Happy People line of wine glasses, with its array of two glasses molded opposite each other, I could only wonder. Perhaps if there are two different wines being served at the same time and you are a purist, never wanting to pollute a wine with a drop of another so one uses the contraption alternately? Or if one ingests different wines on a daily basis, it may serve its purpose well enough.

Silhouette Wine Glasses

It might be interesting to do a little research about the impact of this wine glass on consumption and how wine is enjoyed. The design was developed so that you no longer need to tilt your head backwards. The hollowed rim was also designed so that you could sniff away happily when your nose easily dips into the glass with the aroma effectively contained in the process.

This is [not] a glass

This wine glass is definitely NOT functional. It is shaped like a pipe and makes you hold it like so when drinking your wine. A bit awkward if you ask me. However, it has its awesome shock value. Jeremy Brown, the designer, was supposedly inspired by the concept of “the treachery of images” explored in most of Magritte’s work.

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