Three Ways to Open Champagne

Chances are most of you would have their Christmases and New Years opened with bottles of champagne. A little bit cliche but memorable nonetheless. These holidays are big celebrations so why not, no? In this post, I will explain three ways of opening Champagne (By the way, you might want to head to your favorite wine store because Champagne prices are supposedly going up any time now).

Sober and Practical

Contrary to what one expects, champagne is actually opened carefully lest the precious content are spilled. Sure a Champagne bursting asunder is what you often see in the movies but are you actually willing to have a good amount of it go to waste? If you could afford crates upon crates of champagne, fine. But for most of us mere mortals who could only spend for a bottle or two, then the approach must be pretty cautious and unspectacular. It involves prying the cork slowly, while twisting and rocking it in the process until the bottle emits a small sigh. This method deals with the pressure within the bottle, allowing for a safer and more practical way of opening a champagne bottle.

The Champagne Ninja

Okay, so if you belong to the more excitable bunch and would want to make a show of splashing champagne like it is, well… yeah, Christmas, you need a saber for the deed. In French, this is called sabrage, the method of swinging a sword over the lip of the bottle, which effectively removes the glass tip and the cork. It results in a spectacular spray of champagne because of the sudden release of bottled up pressure. This reminds me that Champagne saber is an excellent wine gift for wine lovers and sommelier friends.

Handy Alternative

The third method involves a spoon. It is actually pretty straightforward because you will be using it instead of the saber. You would need to cut the glass tip. The absence of a sharp edge would necessitate a stronger force. But the effect should be the same, the cork flies in the air and the liquor bursts in a magnificent spray of champagne goodness.

There are other unconventional ways to open Champagne. You could smash it, for instance. But then again, you need a new ship to smash it with.

It is important to note that uncorking a Champagne bottle could entail some risks. I would like to point out the fact that amount of pressure therein is said to be significantly higher than the pressure in a car tire. So, one must proceed with caution. For safety purposes, avoid pointing the cork at people when opening. If you would be using a wine cork, be forewarned. The sudden force of opened Champagne could hurt your hand as well.

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