Wine for Delectable Dessert

Some hard liquors such as rhum and brandy are mainstream ingredients when it comes to desserts. But how about wine? A friend of mine, who loved the wine gift I sent last Valentines (If you want to know by the way how I got her one, you might want to look at this box subscription service), quipped to let it just rest. Wine is excellent on its own, thank you very much. But the idea persisted and I found myself ruminating about the possibilities. For instance, the flavor leans towards the fruity and sour characteristics; hence, it should make an excellent addition to those needing contrasts such as rich desserts like cheesecakes.

I rounded up five easy but super good desserts that should give you an idea where I am coming from. Enjoy!


Dessert Wine Gelees

This beauty was concocted by Martha Stewart and a six ingredient affair excluding water. It requires sugar, grapefruit (and lemon if you want variety), gelatine of course, and two kinds of wine: orange muscat and sauternes. Just mix everything provided you know how to prepare the gelatin beforehand. This is perfect alternative to wine gift.


Red Wine Sorbet

For this dessert, you would need ripe plums, Chinese five-spice powder, cinnamon, sugar and lemon zest. This is excellent if you want to surprise wine enthusiasts visiting on summertime. If you want to know the specifics how to make this dessert, head to this corner please.



Chocolate Mousse with a Twist

This is a classic demonstration of wine food pairing: rich flavor + red wine. So if you have chocolate, vanilla, milk, cream, salt, pepper and a bit oil in your cupboard, then you should be able to whip a delicious version. Just a word of advice: if you would like to try this, make sure to learn how to melt chocolates properly because everything depends on it.


Cabernet Chocolate Truffles

I know for a fact that there are seemingly endless possibilities with chocolate truffles. Add something to the basic ingredient and you would have an entirely new version of the thing. So for this chocolate truffle, you would just need to add a gentle dose of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.


Tiramisu and a Bit of Venice

The marsala wine is an imperative in this dessert. Go find some eggs, mascarpone cheese, cream, the rudimentary lady finger, cocoa and pile them over each other. Just joking. Prepare it according to how you’d do a traditional tiramisu and it’s good to go.

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