Strangest Wine Ingredients

Essentially, wine is just crushed grape, fermented and aged. The differences that distinguish a bottle or a label from another is only attributed to the divergence in the wine making process, the grape variety used and other small details such as the barrel the barrel where it is stored, which adds flavors and identity. The red and white wine, for instance are produced through the inclusion or elimination of the grape skin. The wine folks at would surely agree. But did you know that there are vintners who are willing to go to the extreme by adding truly weird ingredient(s) in an effort to produce a wine that is unique and remarkable?

Blood Powder

This notorious ingredient should be right at home in some nefarious activities such as a witch’s ritual or some form of snuff for a cabal of vampires. But, no. Some enterprising vintners found utility for the compound in their wine making. Blood powder turned out to be particularly effective as a fining agent. Like egg whites and the equally strange isinglass, which came from fish swim bladders, the powder could bond particles that could not be removed by conventional wine filtration methods.


Now, it most certainly is normal to hear about “hints” or “notes” of chocolate in wine descriptions. As a matter of fact, this characteristic gives certain wines their identity. There is, however, the case of the Chocolate Shop, which is a wine that is made with chocolate. This bottle is made by Precept Wine and was launched in 2011. The favorable reception garnered in UK and Spain prompted this vintner to experiment further with wine infused with other varieties of chocolate.


There are many Asian countries that use snakes as a wine ingredient. A 2013 event in London exhibited an array of these bottled curiosities with coils upon coils of snakes submerged (and perhaps pickled?) in the liquor. If the vintner is trying to get the idea of potency across then his point is most assuredly articulated successfully.


This one is quite expected I think. There are vintners who have successfully infused wine with pot and these vintners are concentrated in California (again why am I not surprised?). This is supposedly quite good with Cabernet Sauvignon, creating “a little buzz”. Well, I would most assuredly would not call it that especially when a bottle could reportedly get one high quicker than smoking good old pot.


Ever wondered how a meteorite tastes like? How about a meteorite wine? A vintner in Chile fermented some wine with pieces of meteorite found in the Atacama Desert believed to be at least 4.5 billion years old. If you can believe it, the affair supposedly ended in a livelier taste. Purchase the Cabernet Sauvignon called Meteorito Wine and see for yourself.

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