Seven Best Wine Apps

To say that mobile phones today are ubiquitous is already a cliche. I myself could not leave my phone back home and tend to suffer panic attacks during such unlikely events. I am joking, of course. But, seriously, eve I seem to be developing that smartphone tic, where my eyes constantly drifting down my hands every minute or so to check messages, mails and whatever inane notifications Facebook, a bunch of my games and social media apps choose to throw my way. In such a world, one is hard-pressed to not find apps for just about anything. And I would, of course, be talking about apps for wine. Suppose you are an Android user, a quick search in Google Play would yield at 56 applications dedicated to wines. Apple’s App Store, with its more developed app ecosystem, offer significantly more. When I searched wine apps for my iPad, for example, I have already counted 140 apps and gave up because the search results still kept on coming. So, anyway, here is a list of the best applications for you vinophiles out there.

Hello Vino

Dubbed as the personal wine assistant, this app is top rated and widely downloaded in App Store and Google Play. It is also critically acclaimed with no less than the snobs at the New York Times nodding in grudging agreement, citing it a helpful app for everyone especially when navigating a wine list. That actually makes sense because this app could come in handy if you are in a restaurant while a date patiently awaits to be impressed. A quick flick of your fingers and, voila! You are an instant wine expert, dazzling even the most jaded of sommeliers in the establishment. This app is free.

My Wine Cellar

MyCellar is exactly what its name indicates. It lets you take photograph of your wine back home and store in the app cellar for quick access. This can also serve as an Evernote-type of app where you take note of wines you chanced upon either in a wine store or over the net. You store the info and get back to them when the occasion requires it. It has beautiful interface, capturing the essence of what wine is about. This app, however, will cost you $0.99 dollars.

The Wine Ratings Guide

For $3.99, you can have this app, which functions as a personal sommelier on your pocket – accessible anytime and anywhere. What sets this app apart is its 1 million-strong wine database, which serves as the foundation of excellent app services like flavor profiles, wine-food pairing suggestions and the power to rate bottles as well. This is app is available in Android and iOS platforms.

Snooth Wine Pro

I have an app called SoundHound in my phone and what it does is listen to a snippet of a song being played in a radio or even as it is being sung and it can scour the web for related information such as the title, the lyrics and where it can be downloaded. This is what exactly Snooth Wine Pro is all about. You can take a picture of a wine and it will search the web for important information, reviews, where it can be purchased, where you can buy the cheapest or the best deals, and so forth. There is a free version but the paid app has the best functionality.

AG Wine

The app AG Wine, short for Approach Guide Wine is a repository of wine information and is designed for those amateurs seeking to become wine geeks and wine experts. It will help you understand wine styles, varieties, appellations and pairings, among others.

Drync Wine Pro

If you like to buy wine from online merchants, this app will be very helpful. It collects thousands upon thousands of reviews for numerous wines. It does not only collect reviews from critics such as WineSpectator and Wine Enthusiast but also actual wine consumers who have tried and tested every bottle in the wine list.

Berry Bros. & Rudd

If you want an app with an equally badass pedigree as your wine, buy a Vertu, that super exclusive and expensive phone that only the British could produce. It has an exclusive wine app called Berry Bros. & Rudd, which is almost like Snooth Wine Pro in the way it lets users identify wine label based on a photo. But it directs the query straight to Berry Bros. & Rudd, the UK-based wine merchant, which promptly provides tasting notes, buying tips and interesting wine alternatives.

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