Jobs for those Passionate about Wine

There are people who enjoy wine and are content to merely consume it. There also those who are more proactive such as the regulars in wine tasting events or those who go out of their way to learn more about wine. If you are content with receiving wine gifts or purchasing from a wine box subscription service, then you lean towards the more passive lot. But there are people who are truly passionate about wine that their interest goes beyond consumption. Rather, they choose to make wine the basis of their career. If you are one of these people, you might want to take a look at these jobs, the ones that – one way or another – are related to wine.



This is the most recognizable job in the wine industry. It is also quite important and the pay is exorbitant as well. This is the person who makes the wine, the genius behind the flavor. The vintner is involved in almost all of the stages in the wine making process.


Tasting Room Host

If you think about, the wine tasting host is analogous to a bartender, only more involved, requiring expertise and knowledge. This person is in charge of the tasting room, which is a requirement for vineyards. Visitors and buyers are billeted in this area where they get to sample the vineyard’s produce. The host must know something about wine and everything involved in its production. Of course, the host must be quite a character or, at least, personable since he is interacting with guests.



Sommeliers are like the tasting room host except that they do their work outside of the vineyard. Wine shops, restaurants, wine bars and hotels employ sommeliers. These establishments require additional finesse, which is why most sommelier are demanding, snobbish and quite meticulous especially with regards to details. Consumers turn to these personnel for wine information, advice and recommendations.


Cellar Manager

The cellar manager is in charge of the cellar where the wine is being aged. If you think this is a boring work, with the endless checking and maintenance of temperature involved, you are mistaken. He gets to drink wine everyday since he needs to ensure that everything is in order and is where and how they should be.


Wine Tour Guide

Vineyards often become tourist attractions. The guide need not necessarily be an employee of the vineyard. He only needs a car and a license and he could offer visitors a tour of the wine estates within a region.



This is the artisan who makes the barrel in which wines are aged. This person is not a mere carpenter or woodworker. He must have deep understanding about wood and how it interacts with wine.


There are other obvious job choices in the wine industry such as wine shop owner, online wine merchant, vineyard owners and vineyard laborers. Not all of those listed here are lucrative. But the financial variable becomes more agreeaable if the worker loves what he does.

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