Craziest Wine Bars Ever

Pelican Bar

There is a time – always a time – in your life where you feel like leaving everything at the drop of a hat and ship yourself off somewhere where no could reach you. Somewhere far. Perhaps in this joint called Pelican Bar in Jamaica? In the middle of the sea. You might have noticed that it is a bit a strange place for drinking, yes? It is only accessible by boat. There is no electricity, no signal whatsoever for your phone or the Internet. You got nothing but the bar (which is actually a rickety shack) your drink and the bartender to pour them for you. Perhaps, there would also be another patron, which should most probably be a kindred soul. So there: another charm for you.

Dans Le Noir

As the name suggests, Dans Le Noir is big on the dark theme. This bar, which has branches in Moscow, Paris, Brussels and London boasts of the strangest theme I have ever heard. At the entrance you deposit all the implements that emit light – cellphone, flashlight, your cat (the eyes?), and so forth. Once inside you are plunged into pitch-black darkness. You will be ushered to a table – none the wiser – since you could still see nothing. You don’t get to order your food because a surprise menu is already prepared. This is absolutely not my cup of tea. But, apparently, there are those who get their kick from frequenting this weird establishment. For what its worth, you could do things here with your morally corrupted friends without inciting any disapproving glare.

The Red Sea Star

An enterprising Israeli decided to open a bar under the Red Sea wistfully naming it the Red Sea Star. Of course, he had taken pains in ensuring that the ensuing onslaught – once such opening was done – were eager customers and not a torrent of salt water. Anyway, this establishment has a supposedly tacky interior but you will not pay them a visit for that very factor, yes? Otherwise you would have been sitting smug at a posh Tel Aviv bar such as October. But, I wonder: This is the Red Sea that we are talking about. It is not exactly known for its biodiversity. So should we expect the Dead Sea scrolls?

Sky Bar

Sky Bar is at the top of the towering 50-floor The Lebua hotel right at the heart of bustling Bangkok. It is supposed to be the highest of its kind in the world. So, imagine sipping a super fabulous cocktail while the rest of the city is spread before you in all its guttering glory. That would have been magical and romantic. But you need to factor in the height and perhaps the element at that level. So you would probably have to reconsider the adjectives used and go with « giddy », « exhilarating » and « spectacular » instead.

Cova d’en Xoroi

Leave it to the Spaniards to be thoroughly rustic in their approach to the crazy. Take this Cova d’en Xoroi, for instance. This is actually a cave and its caverns and terraces are set on a high cliff, opening up to the beautiful view of the sea. These are converted into beautiful clubs and bars at night. The setting is incredible and, most importantly, dangerous. Imagine if you have your wits scattered on the floor on account of having too much wine and you are just inches away from the precipice. A bit of nudge here or even a sneeze there would immediately send you plummeting towards the tumultuous embrace of the waves below.

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