Red Wine, Women and Sex

Alright, here is a fact: women who regularly drink a glass or two of wine or red wine to be exact tend to have stronger sexual urges than those who don’t.

 Save your half-hearted indignation or surprise because empirical evidences back this up, thank you very much. In a recent study, for instance, which was appropriately entitled Female Sexual Function Index, it was found that women who drink frequently, tend to want to have sex more often, to be excited about the activity, respond to sex better and are – well, obviously – more satisfied and happy. Women surveyed include those aged 18 to 50, which constituted the majority of the respondents.




There are experts who point out that red wine does it magic in an interesting biological process. The idea is that these little devils have chemical compounds or properties that stimulate and increase blood flow to the female erogenous zones. It also allegedly contributes to higher degree of lubrication. It appears that the high degree of enthusiasm seemed to be coming from the older sector of the female species, who must contend with declining libido as they age. Do not be surprised, hence, to find a matronly lady drinking wine one evening and be perfectly aglow, the morning after. You would know what transpired between those time frames.


Of course, the effect of red wine is not only felt in the workings of the female anatomy. The thing is, wine also appeal and arouse the female psyche. I have watched, for example, a lady giggling to no end as her man deftly uncorked a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, which dutifully burst with spectacular abandon. In a game of appearances, impressions and perceptions, wine appeals prominently, particularly to the female’s creative imaginations.



Finally, red wine lowers female inhibitions. It lets out hidden desires and controlled emotions, leading them to misbehave, be naughty and be primal in their behavior. Remember, the French would not have put up with wine, at least to up to the degree of their voracious appetite for it, if it is not helpful in drawing the wild side in all of us. The French live for romance and their amour and they have discovered for ages its efficacy to whet the female sexual appetite.

 So, how can this little bit of information be of use? Well, let us just say, it reinforces the utility and necessity of the red bottle in your, er, more carnal proclivities. It should help women who have given up on their ability to enjoy and give enjoyment in bed. And, of course, this is the kind of information men would kill for. It informs their stratagems in seduction and provides an additional tool to prod their woman to succumb to their “infernal” machinations. Perhaps, we should be expecting a great deal of red wine purchases, yes? In this case, I would be of further help as I direct you to our red wine selection for this month.

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