Must Try Wine Bars in Vienna


Pub Klemo

I have to say that this is an all-time favorite for me. Pub Klemo boasts of over 3,000 wine on offer. There is an excellent selection of Austrian wine here but international labels are also available, particularly French. Every week, different sets of wine menu are developed for patrons to try. For instance, we recently feasted on their « Tour de France » and « Cuvee Osterreich » offerings because we were after the Markowitsch Redmont. Pub Klemo has a sizable following as well so if you don’t mind a bigger and noisier crowd, you would definitely have a good time. It is mostly open at night but if you are in dire need of a bottle, there is their store next-door called Magazin, which is open throughout the day.


Wein & Wasser

This cool place along Laudongasse also offers excellent Austrian wine. But the main draw for me is the operating philosophy of teaching customers about their liquor. If you are game, for instance, you could get to know as much as 20 wines, which are served by the glass. My first try reminded me a little about that culinary concept called degustation. It is fun and very enlightening, with very solicitous staff. Wouldn’t you relish coming out of their door a bit tipsy but a bit of an expert as well?


Kulinarium 7

I would like to recommend this on account of the fact that it is new and very posh, indeed. I stumbled upon this joint while following a very pretty girl I saw strolling at Siebensterngasse. In all fairness to myself, I was not stalking at all: we are acquainted and I just wanted to say hello. But she was in a hurry and I was sort of scrambling after, only to lose her around Kulinarium 7‘s area. This was the consolation for my exertions. I found that the place caters to the stylish and affluent crowd and the facade reminded me of a Gucci or Louis Vuitton shop. I sampled and took home two bottles from their Austrian wine selection and it was superb. I came back once with a client, and has been raring to go back ever since, preferably with someone I would like to thoroughly impress.


Sekt Comptoir

If you adore the Austrian sparkling wine that the locals call Sekt, you would probably love this charming nook at Naschmarkt district called Sekt Comptoir. What makes this establishment interesting in my book is that it only offers its own wine, the Szigeti Sekt. It is quite popular, hence, be prepared to be engulfed by an enthusiastic crowd, whose number is sustained from 10:30 in the morning to an early 6:00 closing in the evening.



As you have probably observed, many Viennese wine bars tend to be patriotic, offering wines produced in the local vineyards. But if you happen to be in the mood for something different, say, an excellent Chianti, then head to this place along Windmühlgasse called Kontrapunkt. Its cellar is stocked with really good Mediterranean labels. In addition, there is also great food. And the prices are affordable, with bottles ranging from 8 – 32 euros.

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