Five amazing Wine Bars in Brussels

Wine bars in Brussels are many and diverse and this is quite something because the city is known for its beers. There is a wine bar for everyone these days. And I would like to think that there is an emerging wine culture as well. Here is a list of the loveliest and the most charming so far.



 Le Petit Canton

My affair with wine is not that immersive or too involved in such a way that I have already imbibed what one would call the appropriate snobbery. So it is not particularly heartbreaking for me to give credit where it is due, even when we are talking about wines that are cheap or mere upstarts, those without any pedigree to boast of. Le Petit Canton has some of these and, frankly, it did not matter a whit. The wine list is carefully selected but it is not too fancy For 2 euros, for example, you get to sip a delicious glass of Chilean red. The place is small. It is cozy during most nights but it gets cramped during some evenings. Three words for this bar: delicious wine, very reasonable rates and hip crowd. If you dig these, then head over to this tiny gem at Place Flagey and enjoy!



Oeno TK

Of all the wine bars in this list, I like the interiors of Oeno TK best. It is so earthy and woodsy (which also opens into a charming terrace) that somehow directs your attention to the wine bottles while being warm and subtle about it. Expect to experience a certain communion here, where just you and your wine exist and the world recedes for a bit in the background. This is perhaps not the best place for groups but I am sure something can be arranged about the seating layout. Anyway, the champagnes are amazing. I saw premium labels and a number of bottles from the list are truly affordable.



 Le Wine Bar

If you have a date, then Le Wine Bar is the perfect place to be: unobtrusive, intimate and romantic. The place includes an area under several buildings in Rue Des Pigeons and the design is almost Gothic, with strong buttresses effectively dividing the place into charming nooks. I also have to say that the service is impeccable with waiters awaiting at a discreet distance and magically becoming available when you need them. The champagne, Laherte Frères: Chavot is a must try.




Junkfood De Luxe or Quentin for the old regulars is a truly dedicated wine bar, which should provide a huge relief to those people looking for a place that sell wine with style. It is entrenched in the super chic district, Le Chatelain and caters to the fashionable public. When I am in the city, I make it a point to drop by Wednesdays. Not that I am fashionable, for it certainly is not a requirement to be there. Quentin, it turned out, is a perfect place to go people watching. This is practically a place where beautiful people come to admire each other. What is also important is that you won’t ever go hungry while you’re at it. They have their notorious burgers, which are pure bliss to eat.




Etiquette is easily one of the best wine bars in the city. A friend of mine celebrated his birthday there last year and I try to come back whenever I can. Etiquette’s appeal is the experience and it is, most assuredly, quite unique. See, there are several ways to order a drink and they are based on what the owners call self-service concept. There is the automatic pouring machine available, for instance, which is extremely fun. And you can also order wine in several quantities like half-glass or full glass. I think that the strategy is great because customers could sample different wines without spending so much money. Bring your friends with you because that is the best way to enjoy this place.


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