Ten Best Wine Bars in Zurich



I would recommend DrinxBar if you are after the mood and the experience. It has a really good ambience, just a bit enough for intimate affair – none too rowdy or if one would just want to sit back and have a truly good conversation.




Caduff Wine Loft

Known to locals simply as Caduff, this wine bar has an excellent wine list and it has attracted quite a following. The food is also impeccable if a bit on the pricey side. An interesting part if you have the time to spare is an evening meal arranged in their cellar. It is a veritable paradise for connoisseurs.




Jules Verne Panorama Bar

There might just be those who would kill for a seat in this wine bar situated in Zurich’s old observatory. The reason for this is that the joint commands an incredible view of the city. With wine in your hand, you could feast on the scene either at sunset or at night when the city assumes its most beautiful view. Good food, superb wine, good company – there is a slice of the good life here.





This bar’s main draw is its location. It is situated in Zahringerplatz at Niederdorf, which is teeming with restaurants, charming architecture, historic landmarks, galleries and everything in between. Out of the flurry to cover all these, people tend to find themselves in Corazon‘s open doors at the end of the day. It is also an excellent meeting point before going somewhere else. It has the right bottles and the right environment to simply “de-stress” and chill.




Bar Andorra

The Bar Andorra is the other wine bar of note at Niederdorf. It is differentiated from Corazon and similar establishments thereof on account of the its jazzy atmosphere. People go there to wine, dine and get reacquainted with the Jazz legends.




 Widder Bar

This is a watering hole for the wealthy. So if you are one or seeking to meet one or merely have the molar to spend, then this is the place to be. It has an atmosphere of an uber chic exclusive gentleman club found in London, with exotic touches here and there (see the imposing horned bust, for instance, which I think was a likeness of Dionysius).






Strange and cool would probably make for a weird combination but those two words exactly describe Oepfelchammer. It has been in existence for two centuries – 212 years to be exact. Those years of serving good wines – mostly local – came to entail quirky traditions among other strange sort of practices such as hanging upside down to write a memento on the wall. It certainly has a lot of character. This is much frequented by intellectuals, those adventurous enough or the connoisseur looking for the best possible experience. It is always crowded, also suggesting a far broader appeal. 





While part of the fancy Altstadt Hotel, Altstadtbar is just a cozy joint behind an unassuming door in a small side street in the city’s old quarters. The crowd here is mostly expatriates. If you are a visitor and is perhaps looking to hear English being spoken, then your prospects are excellent here. An array of foreign newspapers is also available as you linger for the good wine and the affable and quite civilized company.





Now, Barrique is notorious for its good wine. If you want an unadulterated wine bar experience head over to this nook, which is also snugly entrenched at Zurich’s Old Town. Aside from the excellent wine list, which is significantly longer than most of its peers in the city, there is also excellent food to be had. Also, ask for the Barrique Cave if you feel like celebrating there with friends. You will be pleasantly surprised.


This list is composed of traditional wine bars. But if you are looking for something different, you can head to the city’s waterfront – that area between Sachseluutenplatz and China Garten. There are little spots there – mini bars if you may. There are truly good joints there, feel free to hop around. The best time to go would be during summer evening, the panorama is spectacular and you can have a blast if people watching is your thing.

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