Heimat in Frankfurt

To celebrate the German opening of our wine subscription service I wanted to let Ravel Meeth our new German CEO introduce us one of the great (the greatest?) wine-bar in Francfort!

heimat wiine.me

Heimat – Entrance

The „Heimat“ is certainly one of the best Wine-Bars in Frankfurt. First of all, the location is extraordinary : a historic „kiosk“ from the sixties with a front of broad windows. Right away, it will reminds you of the painting Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. Well, the mood in the „Heimat“ is far better and it is crowded, in contrast to the almost-historical painting. The interior looks nostalgic and retro, but thanks to the success of Mad Men, very modern and contemporary.

heimat - nighthawks

Nighthawks – Edward Hopper

As common for a place for Wine-Lovers, you find a bright and cheery atmosphere, and the „Heimat“-team is uncompromisingly commited and benign. The regulars are Bankers, Artists and creatives from Frankfurts booming creative branch. Plus some asian tourists.

And the ultimate joy is the wine-list. Christian Totzek, the sommelier-in-chief, put plenty of passion and dedication in arranging a remarkable set of European wines. There are certainly some focal points in this collection, but outstanding in it`s variety is the area of Rheinhessen. Christian knows most of the german wine producers and he chooses them personally. He is a dedicated fan of this uprising german wine-district. So he combines well-known winemakers like Wagner Stempel with young and unknown producers like K.H. Schneider.


Heimat – Outside

If you are a wine-connoisseur or a wine-beginner, Christian is taking care of each guest and tries to find the right wine to match your taste. And if you´re up for a surprise, then there are some outstanding wines by glasses.

Wine is definitely the main focus of the „Heimat“. As said before, Christian sets value on knowing the wine makers personally and gets the wines directly from the producers. Here you get as well some of the best wines of gemany from the Rheingau. And, by the way: beer is not served…

Heimat - Wine Bar

Heimat – Wine Bar

The prices are fair, but, as a recommendation, go there with friends. Then you´ll be able to have some different bottles and enjoy the full variety of the wine-list. There is plenty of choice in the price-region from 25 € to 30 €. And you shouldn´t forget to try the exquisite little dishes by Gregor Nowak and Tanja Huber. The cooks work in an open kitchen, directly behind the bar, so you can watch them while they are preparing your meal. Besides there is a selection of fine ham & cheese, which are as always a great company to the wines. So if it happens that you are a gourmet, too, you´ll be fully entertained.

It is recommended to make a reservation, the „Heimat“ is well-booked and especially on weekends, you won´t get a table without having a reservation.

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