London’s 5 Best Wine Bars

Just coming back from a trip in London. I discoverd some great places, like the Bar Pepito and already knew some from previous journey.

I hope you will find them great too!

Bar Pepito (

The idea for Bar Pepito – aside from pioneering the sherry bar concept in London – is this: its location in relations to King’s Cross makes it a perfect place where pedestrians could get the last drink before boarding for home. It is small and could probably pack twenty and a bit more at the same time, but it is quaint and rustic and a trend is emerging of places like this were people do not mind and in fact like the proximity and intimacy. Did I mention that it is also an award winning if only for the fact that its opening should be considered one of the best that ever happened in London’s wine circuit?

Pepito's Entrance

Pepito’s Entrance

The Fox Reformed (

If you are looking for a truly local London wine bar, then head to this spot at Stoke Newington Church St. It is run by Robbie and Carol Richards whom you will find actively engaged with their customers. When not entertaining, for instance, they could challenge you to a game of Backgammon. These spells a truly relaxed setting where you, the wine and « unwinding » could actually coexist in such public space. The bar’s collection is also extensive and the prices are truly reasonable.

Kensington Wine Rooms (

The most striking thing that will come at you when you enter this bar is that it is quite modern. The ambience, the fixtures and such highlight a tasteful urban-minimalist haven, where yuppies and the general Notting Hill regulars would feel right at home in. True to its sensibilities, the bar uses all the modern machines in the business of wining and also dining (for the place also offers excellent tapa). This enables the bar to offer single glasses of wine because of conveniences provided by modern dispenser.

kensington inside

the Kensington, inside

Terroirs (

Terroirs is quite popular and it is prized by enthusiasts and regulars for its natural wines, its French food and the bistro-style interiors. An important feature in its wine offerings is the equivalent of what one call in the culinary arts as degustation. What happens is that you got an array of wines – 15 at the most – before you and you get to sample each of them albeit in small quantities. Their wine collection is mostly stocked with spirits from France and Italy.

Vinoteca Bar & Wine Shop (

In an industry, innovation and consumer value drive competitive advantage. And when you think about this variable in London’s thriving wine bar community, it is inevitable to notice Vinoteca. While the rest, for instance are going crazy with Austrian wine, thinking it exotic, Vinoteca opted to swear by Greek, Slovenian and Brazilian spirits. The bar also offers wine on tap and customers get a discount if they bring their own bottles or return a bottle after consuming the content

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