Finally home !

I know the place well, I used to have business or/and (!) romantic lunch there quiet often. It is really a great place. You quickly feel very confident and get this « at home » feeling that never goes away.

La maison rouge facade

La Maison Rouge

Truly, the mood in La Maison Rouge is amazing. You could go there only a couple of times in a month and Julien (the Sommelier) will recognize you, have a little chat with you and… if you like wine (which I do) that same chat could last for hours! You will then meet the lovely Cindy who makes awesome Mojitos for the after works. Then you might be integrated faster than you notice in the circle of the regular customers!

There is indeed a bunch of recurrent customers who all like the atmosphere of the place so much, it become there second home. So be careful, once you get caught you never go away!

The Chef, David Domingues, is really gifted and proposes great dishes. He works only with fresh products and once you are a regular customer does not hesitate to ask you for feedback on his experiments. It is always a pleasure to taste some new tastes even before it is on the menu!


David Domingues – Le Chef

After some time, you will eventually meet Stéphane the owner and director of the restaurant. He is actually living upstairs and the restaurant is just like one of the room of his house. Sometimes in the morning you will see him coming in the restaurant as if he was outing from his bathroom!

Have you noticed? I am only writing about the people of La Maison Rouge, and not so much about the wines. But people are really important, especially when you drink wine. I believe wines become great wines when you have a great time. And in this place you will have some for sure!

But don’t get me wrong, the wine list there is great! You can feel a tendency toward Rhone Valley wines. Julien and Stéphane love Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. The cellar is quiet packed and that is noticeable in a Swiss restaurant nowadays. Moreover, you will always find some integrating little changes in their list as a sign the cellar is a living one!

To sum up, it is definitely an amazing place to eat and drink in the Geneva Region. It is not snob, the quality of the food and the wines is great and you will not be disappointed by the team !

(their iTaste profile here)

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  1. marc dit :

    great article thank you

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